Sunday 9th February 2020

Another relaxing start with breakfast before catching a couple of buses to take us to Marsaxlokk, a pretty town on the coast where there is a Sunday market.

Unfortunately, half of the island seemed to have the same idea and it was pretty busy. It must be absolutely packed in the summer! We wandered around the market area, taking in the sights and seeing the pretty painted boats bobbing in the harbour.

The church

After a quick drink we caught another bus to take us to Paola, where we planned to see some catacombs. However, on arriving there, wet realised that our we hadn’t done or planning very well as you need to book weeks in advance!

It was now mid afternoon and so we decided to catch a bus back to the hotel for afternoon tea.

We had a short walk around the harbour near our hotel before a shower and back to the lounge for drinks and cards!

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