Monday 10th February 2020

After breakfast and checking out we caught a bus to the walled town of Mdina. The town is small and we walked around it in no time. The streets are narrow with tall walls and all built in the local limestone.

The main church
View from the wall

We walked back to the main transport area and caught a bus which we thought was going to take us to the nearby town of Rabat. As it headed off in the other direction we realised our mistake and so jumped off and caught a bus back! We walked from here to St Paul’s catacombs where we spent around an hour going into some of the catacombs which had been built as burial chambers.

By now it was time to head back to the hotel, via two buses. We just had time for afternoon tea before heading to get a taxi to the hotel for our evening flight back to Gatwick.

We were glad that we hadn’t planned the return trip on the Sunday when storm Ciara was blowing. It was a little bit bumpy on landing, butt nothing compared to what it was like the day before.

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