Saturday 8th February 2020 – Malta

We had a leisurely start before catching a bus to Valetta. The bus network in Malta is very good although the traffic and coastline means that short journeys can take quite a while. The bus dropped us off right outside the city gate.

New city gate

After walking through the city gate the first thing that you get to is the new parliament. Directly behind this is an open air theatre built directly on the site of the old one that was destroyed by the Luftwaffe in the war.

Parliament building
Open air theatre

We walked on down the main Street which was decked out with banners because of the St Paul’s festival due to take place on the Monday.

There are reminders of Britain’s role of there island everywhere…

A short way down the street and we came to the co cathedral.

Outside of the co cathedral

Inside the cathedral is intricately decorated with the floor made up of stones, each one carved for one of the Knights.

Caravaggio painting

Having looked around the cathedral we walked a little further and then stopped for a well earned beer, sitting on a square in the sun.

After our drink we walked into the main square and then through the streets to the upper gardens, overlooking the the cities.

From the upper gardens we descended and entered the Lascari war rooms. These were a top secret bunker that was used first to coordinate the defence of Malta against the Luftwaffe and then to plan and monitor the campaign to take Sicily in 1943.

We had a really interesting tour of the rooms.

On leaving the war rooms we descended again to sea level, passing the Victoria gate.

At the bottom of the hill we caught a lock boat across to the three cities. There were some great views on the boat.

On the other side we stopped for another pit stop and had a beer overlooking the marina.

We spent the next hour or so wandering around Birgu and then got a taxi back to our hotel where we took advantage of canapes and drinks in the lounge.

A bit later, after a shower, we walked to the bar area for a couple of drinks out on the town. The area around the hotel was quite commercialised so we didn’t stay out long and had a night cap back at the hotel bar.

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