Wednesday 25th September – Rothenberg ob der Tauer

We started the day with breakfast in the hotel with magnificent views over the river below.

Once we’d been fed and watered, we headed out to explore the town.

The weather looked like it was going to be showery and as we walked out it started to rain lightly. So, we walked up the slight hill to the main market square and then up a side street to the old city walls. This is another town which is completely enclosed by walls, lots of which you can walk along under cover.

We climbed the steep steps up to the wall and started walking around. It was a good move as the heavens opened.

We walked along the walls and had great views of the city roof tops. The East side of the town was extensively destroyed in the war, apparently to bomb the Germans into submission by destroying not just their industrial cities but also the beautiful towns. However, certainly in the area that we’ve been in so far, the Germans were much better at rebuilding than in the UK and much of the rebuild has been done in the original style.

The city walls have many many plaques from people around the world, along with local businesses, that have contributed to the restoration, including the hotel that we’re staying in.

We walked on around until the raised section ended. We descended and then continued to follow the walls around the town, walking through the streets and passed some pretty buildings. We eventually came to the west of the town which is a promitrary over a bend in the river. There was originally a castle on this site, but it was destroyed in an earthquake in the 14th century. The area is now a garden and had amazing views over the valley.


There was also a small chapel which had been rebuilt and had the names of the locals who lost their lives the the second world war.

We continued on and the route took us back to the main square where we had a quick stop for a small beer. After this, and a quick pit stop as we passed our hotel, we descended out of the town and into the valley where we visited the double bridge.

It started raining as we were taking photos and do we walked back up the hill to the town walls and continued tracing them. Fortunately, we arrived back at a covered and raised area where we managed to avoid the rain. We walked on and passed, amongst more beautiful buildings, an amphitheatre.

Eventually, we arrived back at the tower that we started. There was an exhibition at the top of the tower of the destruction and rebuilding of the town after the war. The trek up the tower was steep but the views made it worthwhile.

View from the tower

By now it was almost 2pm and so we stopped for another refreshment break and while we were sitting on the main square we saw the mechanical clock. Heading across the main square we made a brief visit to the Josef church before walking down the hill to the criminal museum.

Market platz

We spent about an hour and a half wandering around museum and seeing some of the instruments of crime and punishment. When we left it was about 4pm and so we found somewhere to have a snack before for handing back to the hotel for a freshen up.

Model of the city

We planned to attend the Nightwatchman tour at 8 this evening and so we headed out early for food. Again we were lucky to get into a place, the Altfraenkische Weinstube that was really busy, although tonight we had to perch on a table with a group of local Germans. I had a really lovely pork steak with potatoes and a side salad and Ed had 7 Bratwurst!

After food we wandered back to the main square and had a quick drink before we joined the your at 8. The Nightwatchman tour lasted an hour and was excellent. Just enough information and history about the city in the middle ages, right up to the war, but not so much that you lost interest. Rothenberg is just as pretty at night as during the day!

Towards the end of the tour it had started to rain and so we went back to hotel once the tour had finished to review our photos.

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  1. What wonderful, wonderful scenery. Everything is so.picturesque ( and clean!) Looking at the photos it’s difficult to believe the war had any impact. Europe was definitely better at returning to.pre war than we ever were or are.
    Keep.the bulletins coming and well travel vicariously!
    Take care xx

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