Thursday 26th September – Rothenberg to Nuremberg

We set off from Rothenburg after breakfast and headed out of the city on the romantic road towards Weikersheim.  The plan today was to follow the romantic road for the final stretch through the German countryside to Wurzburg before driving to Nuremburg for the next two nights. 

The first town, after about 50 minutes, was Weikersheim and we stopped briefly here to see the town square and the schloss.  The town was pretty enough, but nothing compared to Rothenburg. 

So, we drove on and after another 20 minutes ended up at Bad Mergentheim.  We parked up and walked into the town.  Again, having a look at the castle/rathaus before it began to rain andwe decided that it was time to continue on.

We spent the next couple of hours driving through beautiful conuntryside on the back roads and finally got to Wurzburg at around 2pm.  We eventually found somewhere to park, after driving around for what seemed like ages in what I thought was the narrowest car park I’ve been in!

We ended up near the main square and headed straight for some food.  One of the things that I’m particularly impressed with Germany is the range of decent non-alcoholic beers. The at Wirtshaus Lammle food was good and definitely what was called for.

Having eaten we walked into the main square. Different to other market places that we’ve seen, it was not set out as a square and was more of a rambling series of smaller platzes. We saw the beautiful gothic church and then walked to the old bridge which gave some great views of vineyards, the Festung Marienberg across the river and the town itself. 

Having taken our quota of pictures, we walked back into the town and past the Dom St Killam and the Neuminster, both large churches. 

Our destination, however, was the Residenz, a palace of the prince-bishops.  We paid to get in and saw the public rooms which were completely ostentatious and opulent, with the largest fresco in ?the world.  There were also some impressive, and high, reception and bed rooms.  As it was nearly 4.30, we stayed for the English tour which allowed you to see some of the ‘off-limits’ apartments.  They were, if not more, impressive than the ones that we had already seen.  Most have been painstakingly restored following being mainly destroyed by bombing by the RAF in the war. It was worth the wait to see.

It was now time to get to Nuremberg and we followed the autobahn which took about 90 minutes and checked into the Holiday Inn just after 7.  (the car park here was even narrower than the one in Wurzberg!)

We showered and then had a light meal at the restaurant at the hotel and then retired to plan the time in Nuremberg.

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  1. once again more beautiful scenery some of which I recall from our river cruises. It really is such a lovely area. Sure you’ll love Nuremberg and it’s history. Stay safe and enjoy xx


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