Sunday 22nd September – Oktoberfest

So, what to say about Oktoberfest?

We were told that we needed to be at the tent by 10am in order to be able to get a table. So we were up fairly early and caught the train the two stops to the Theresienwiese, the area where Oktoberfest is held. We weren’t really prepared for how big the site is – apparently it’s over 100 acres! The are 6 massive tents and lots of smaller ones with funfair rides, stalls and food shacks.

We followed the crowds to the site and realised that we were in a small minority of people not dressed in lederhosen. So, we both bought Austrian hats so at least we looked a bit more the part.

We had tickets to the upstairs balcony in the Braurosl tent and it was already pretty full by the time we got there. It seems that I’m the unreserved part, you have to stay queueing by 7.30 in order to get a table!

The music starts at midday and there was a steady stream of German drinking songs interspersed, between every song, by a chorus or ein prostil, which it’s the law that you have to join in! (At least that is how it seemed)

Captain Birdseye?

The waitresses serve you at your table and carry up to 6 steins at a time. We also had some food at some point in the afternoon.

By 7 we decided we’d had our full of beer and so headed back to the hotel for a shower, before getting the train back into the centre of town. All in all, a great day and one that it would be good to repeat. 🍺🍺🍺

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