Saturday 21st September – Munich

We were meeting our fellow travellers at 8.30am so we were up and at breakfast at 8am.  We met our tour leader, David, a Canadian living in Germany followed by 16 other travellers – all Americans.

We all got on the train and headed to the centre of Munich and spent the morning wandering around the streets finding our about the history of the city, most of which I’ve already forgotten. 

One thing that I did remember is that it is only breweries that are within the city limits that are allowed to take part in Oktoberfest and that they make over a third of their annual profits at the 2 week festival.

Fish fountain
First day of Oktoberfest

We stopped towards the end of the tour at a lovely square where we had a coffee in the sun.  The busiest beer keller in Munich was also on the square.

Statue that has been turned into a Michael Jackson memorial!
Classic image of the cathedral. Nothing taller than this can be built in Munich
Italian style square
Rubbing the lucky brass!
The gold line shows the route that locals used to avoid having to go past a statue and use the Nazi salute
Inside the beer Keller
Beer garden

New synagogue
Memorial to gay people killed by the Nazis
Lots of Vespas in Munich

The walking tour finished at around midday and we wandered back around some of the streets that we had been before finding ourselves at the same square where we stopped for some food and, this time, a couple of beers sitting in the sun.  We had the rather surreal experience of chatting to a German couple about the bombing in the war and Brexit!

View from our lunch table
There are men in lederhosen everywhere!

By 3pm we had had enough sun and so headed back to the hotel to relax before the evenings activities.

We meet the rest of the group at a restaurant a couple of stops away from our hotel. We had a traditional Bavarian meal with a salad, duck and some sort of sponge pudding.

The first stein

After food some of us went into the centre of the city for a few drinks before heading home!

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