Friday 20th September – London to Munich

We had an early start to get the flight at 7.50am. Our hotel was pretty close to the airport so it only took us about 15 minutes to get to the drop off, despite a bitof a navigation error around the confusing roads around the airport. (our first fail of the day).

We dropped off the car and headed to check in. It was here that we realised that Ed ad left his phone in the car. (second fail of the day!) He went back and 10 minutes later returned with his phone as, fortunately, the car had not been moved. After check in we went through security and had some food before boarding.

The flight to Stuttgart is only around 1.5 hours so we were at the airport by 10.15am local time. We collected our car and this was where I realised the third fail of the day…I’d somehow managed to book a massive car, far too large for the two of us. Unfortunately, there was nothing smaller available so we’re stuck with that for the week.

The journey to Munich was about 200km and despite some heavy traffic and a stop for pizza and a drink, we were there by just after 2. We had a quick shower and then headed out. The hotel is in West Munich, about 3 miles from the centre. However, there is a station next door, so it’s easy to get around.

We went on the train to Marienplatz, the main square and then wandered around there and the old market area. The weather was lovely and Munich feels like a really relaxed city with some pretty buildings.

Visuals market
First German beer of the trip

We had a couple of drinks on an outside terrace before the evening cooled off and we found a warmer place! However, saving ourselves for the weekend, we headed home and had an earlyish night!

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  1. I do love being part of your tours through this medium. Keep the commentary coming – preferably without the “mistakes” Travel safely xx


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