6th May 2019 – Palau Selingan to Sepilok

We were up at 6am in time for a quick breakfast before or boat left for the mainland at 7am.

Leaving the island

After a 45 minute return journey we walked back to the hotel where we had left our bags. We then had a 40 minute transfer to the Sepilok jungle resort where we’d be staying. We arrived just after 9.30 but couldn’t check in so we left our bags and headed for the orangutan sanctuary.

Apeing around

Here we first saw the nursery are before watching the morning feed where a few orangutans visited, including one who didn’t seem remotely interested in food, but was happy to be photographed! The weather was, again, really warm and humid and it seemed that we were just sweating standing still.

Before we reached the orangutans – a flying lemur
Mother and baby
Sheltering from the heat in the nursery
Just hanging around
Orangutan yoga?
Not sure who is watching who….

Having seen the feeding time we walked across the road to the sun bear sanctuary. Here we spent a good 45 minutes watching some of the different bears.

Waiting for feeding time
Tree climbing
Now where do I go?
You can see the individual yellow chest markings giving the Bears their name

It was now time to head back and when we arrived we went straight to lunch. It turns out that the food at the hotel restaurant is very good!

After lunch we were able to check into our rooms. We both had a quick shower before walking back to the sanctuary to see more orangutan feeding. There were a fraction of the number of people there compared to the morning and it felt quite exclusive although the heat and humidity remained high! We also watched a short film about the sanctuary which is supported by a British charity.

Feeding time number 2
The one without hair has a skin condition!

At around 3pm we walked back to the resort and then headed for the pool where we enjoyed a couple of beers relaxing in the shade.

At 5.30, some of the group (who hasn’t been enjoying the Tiger beer so much in the afternoon!) met to go on a nightshade. Night walk in the jungle. We walked for about 20 minutes and arrived at the rainforest discovery centre where we walked up onto a canopy walkway and managed to catch a sight of a flying squirrel in the dusk.

Don’t look down.. About 30m up!

As it was getting dark we walked into the jungle and spotted some smaller insects but nothing too exciting. We got back to the resort at about 8 and went straight for dinner. By 10 we were flagging after a day filled with animal sightings and the hot and humid conditions and so we had an early night.


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  1. It’s just one adventure after another! Assume today’s included a happy birthday to Ed. Birthday wishes heading out from a much cooler, cold even Wales x


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