28th April 2019 – KK to Dusun

We were at breakfast for about 7.30am and met our guide Hasif at 8am to go to the market.

The market was only a few minutes walk away and set up in a street. The were hundreds of stalls selling everything from fruit, vegetables, plants, fish, toys, cats and dogs and almost anything else that you could think of.

Back to the hotel we spent an hour or so packing and then met everyone again for 10am to start our next journey. We loaded or stuff into the van and we stopped in just a couple of minutes at the observatory. Hasif explained some of the history of the city and that about 60% of the land is reclaimed.

We drove out of KK and shortly started to climb. The road was well made, but very windy. We had a heavy rain storm but it soon cleared up.

After about 2 hours driving we arrived at our homestay for the evening, a small village called Tanak Nabalu, just below the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. We stopped first at the village hall where we were greeted by a welcoming party and then had a snack of fried bananas, pineapple and local tea.

We were assigned our hosts and we walked through the village to find our house. The village is far more developed than I expected and each property is fenced and the gardens are well kept. We’re staying with Saminah and her husband.

Welcoming committee

After gathering our bags we were fed a lunch of omelette, rice, chicken in soy sauce and vegetables. After this, we had some free time and we spent it dozing!

At 3pm we all met again and headed a short way up the hill to see the farming area. We watched a demonstration of how they tap rubber and also saw where the pineapple plantations are.

Next we walked back through the village and all the way down the hill that we had come up earlier in the van to la bridge was. there was a great area for swimming and most of us had a dip in water which was warmer than the rivers so far this trip.

What goes down must unfortunately also go back up so we walked back up the hill to the village and then had some free time before t where we sat on the balcony chatting to our host. we had some snacks or fried bananas and a host also insisted that we had a couple of beers. Is quite challenging as his english was not good and our Malay is even worse. However, we did manage to learn a couple of new words including Gugu (cheers in Dusun – the local tribes dialect) and Terima Casi (thank you).

At 6:30 we walked back down to the village hall and had a meal of various dishes the our hosts prepared. Then it was time for the inevitable cultural show. We watch the couple of dancers with accompaniment from 6 men playing gongs and drummer. Then we had to have a go both at playing the gongs and dancing.

By now we were all pretty tired even though we having actually done that much physical activity today. So we headed it back to our host family. we were both about to go to bed even though it is only about 8:45 however, our host appeared with more beers and we felt bad about declining and so we sat on the veranda for a couple of cans. I was glad we did as our leader said that the host was pleased that we’d accepted the offer.

We learnt a bit more about the village as by now our leader, efficient is also staying in this house, had returned. The village is about 50:50 Muslim/Catholic but both live very peacefully alongside each other.

Finally, at around 9.40pm, it was time to head to bed, although our host did try to get us to stay for one more! We’re in separate rooms here so I won’t keep Ed awake with my snoring…or visa versa.


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  1. Good sounds just tight for me, not to.mention the market and what a wonderful opportunity to stay with host families and really experience the culture.
    Waiting for the next episode xx


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