25th April 2019 – Limbang to Labuan

We had another early start with breakfast at 5am and a departure, in a minibus this time, at 5.45am. Our destination was the ferry at Limbang about an hour and 20 minutes drive away.

The first 30 minutes was up and down on rough tracks, before eventually arriving to paved roads.

When we arrived at the port, we cleared immigration between Sarawak as we’re now heading into a different province of Malaysia, Sabah. After a quick coffee we boarded the ferry and settled in for the two hour trip to the island of Lubuan.

Our vessel

The boat travelled quickly down the river and out onto the sea, crossing under a new suspension bridge being built. There were also a lot of oil rigs in the bay. At and 10am we had arrived!

Being in an air conditioned boat, it’s easy to forget how warm it is outside. The heat hit us as we got off the boat, although it’s not quite as humid here.

We met our local guide who first took our bags off to our next hotel whole we had an hour or so for food and a coffee. Labuan is a tax free island and the were duty free shops everywhere.

When our guide returned with the minibus, we were first taken to the commonwealth war memorial and cemetery. As it was Anzac Day, it was especially poignant. We learned a bit about the commonwealth and allied troops on Borneo who had been captured by the Japanese and who were ultimately forced to march from one party of the island to another. Of over 3,000 soldiers, only a small percentage made it, and only 6 on total actually survived the war.

Our next stop was back in the main town, Victoria. Labuang first became a British territory in around 1856. We saw the various plaques and statues to the different events in Labuan’s history.

We also visited the small museum.

By now it was 1pm and this group of weary travellers was keen to get to the hotel. Fortunately, it was now time to go! We drove about 30 minutes before pulling into the Palm beach resort where we were welcomed by a drumming party!

A welcoming committee

It’s by far the plushest hotel that we’ve ever stayed in with Intrepid and whilst is a bit tired around the edges, were very happy to be staying here.

It’s right on the beach
Our room
The view from our room

We didn’t the rest of the day simply relaxing and sorting out our wet and dry clothes and of course having a cold beer or two! We’ll sort or washing when we get to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow as we’re there for two days, and there’s plenty of it… some dirty and some wet, smelly and dirty!

We met our group for a meal in the evening. Whilst tomorrow is the last night of our first trip, and so we’ll have a final group meal then, lots of our group have very early departures on Saturday, so this evening almost felt like a last night’s party! Lots of us toll the opportunity to have some Western food and had burgers!

Or group: Ed, Jake, Cat, Nizam, Kim, Amy, Mel, Connor, Chuck, Leanne, me, Yvonne and Peter

After food, we started seeing the bar chatting and playing pool until by midnight, it was time to go to bed!

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  1. Well after what sounded like horrendous head hunters trail ( why would anyone pay to do that I ask?) Today sounds more like a holiday. Happy clothes sorting tomorrow. Brings back memories of sorting kirsty’s ruck sack ( not yours) after D of E! Enjoy xx


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