20th April 2019 – Bako NP to Kuching

We woke at 6 and had a very quick wash before catching a boat back to the port at 6.30. The sun was just coming up and the colours of the sky against the backdrop of the mountains in the distance was beautiful The tide was in, but going out, and so the river up to port was flowing pretty quickly.

On arrival at the port we got back into the two minibuses for a 50 minute ride to somewhere for breakfast, very close to the orangutan sanctuary.

Breakfast was interesting, a sort of food court with individual businesses. Clearly there was nothing Western so I plumped for chicken with mushrooms and noodles! It was actually very tasty and cost less than £1!

After breakfast we headed to the Semengohh orangutan sanctuary which was close by. The sanctuary is open twice a day, for one hour in the morning and two in the afternoon. It’s not a zoo so we were lucky to see a couple of feeding orangutans along with a mother and baby.

The first small orangutan coming for food
Hanging around!
Edwin, the large male
Mother and baby

After spending an hour at the sanctuary we headed back to the hotel that we’d staff in the first night. It took about an hour, but only because of some heavy traffic. We were able to check in despite the fact that it was only 11am. We meet at 11.30 with the rest of the group for a briefing on pushing for the next four nights (were going to be hiking and roughing it a bit!).

After that we had some free time in the afternoon so after a bit shower we walked into the town for some lunch and a beer.

China town building

It was another really hot day and after food, we decided to go back to the hotel to sort packing. However, not long into the walk the heavens opened and there was loads of rain so we did what any right mind traveller would go at that point and ran into a bar for a drink. In there we meet a couple of the group having food and after a quick half, we all walked back to the hotel.

We spent the rest of the afternoon packing before having a pre dinner drink in the rooftop bar too sort some of our photos from the trip so far. There was another heavy rain storm which, fortunately, had just about finished by the time we meet the rest of the group to walk for dinner. Back into town where we both had a meal of fried rice.

Before going back to the hotel, we walked along to in front of the legislative building where there was a light show being put on. The waterfront was also lit up with lights on the trees and street food stalls all busy selling food.

Light show

We stopped for a while before walking back to the hotel where we had a final night cap with Peter from our group. We then had an early-ish night as we have to be up at 4.15 tomorrow for our flight to Mulu.

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  1. Never quite sure if the orangatags are watching you or you them! Anyway whatever, it all seems very different and memorable. But sure I’d be looking forward to roughing it a bit but will look forward to hearing about it. Take care xx


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