Lake Nakuru National Park – 5th November 2018

At about 8am, after a simple breakfast of omelette, coffee and juice we met up with James for the start of our day at Lake Nakuru.

We retraced our journey the 5km back to the main road, seeing some wart hogs, impala and zebra on the way.

About halfway along we passed a small girl walking on her own. We stopped and James offered her a lift. It turns out that she was just 7 years old and was walking to the gate; she didn’t speak English but seemed happy enough. James explained to us that it is quite dangerous as there are buffalo in the area and they are quite aggressive. We carried on and dropped her at the gate.

We drove around 15 minutes back along the tarmaced road and entered via Lanet Gate.

We spent the next couple of hours driving around the park spotting animals. We saw lots of buffalo and zebra but the highlight in the morning was seeing the White rhino from afar.

Lake Nakuru NP is mainly scrub land and acacia trees and so we were constantly on the lookout for animals in the low bushes.

We stopped a little bit away from the shoreline and were able to get out of the vehicle and walk to the shoreline, accompanied by an armed ranger. The flamingoes there were pretty impressive, song with some other wading birds.

We drove on, eventually stopping at Makalai falls.

After a quick stop we moved off and drove for about 20 minutes, climbing high over the lake to the Out of Africa view point which was, apparently, used in the film. We stopped here and had a picnic lunch prepared by the hotel consisting of rice, salad, chicken and fruit.

We dropped back down the hill and drove around the head of the lake, passing the old main gate. A new main entrance has had to be built because the old one is now flooded as the lake has risen following the heavy rains of the last few years.

We retraced our route of the morning and came back to the point where he seen the rhino. This time, however, they were much closer. The was a small family group and separately, a rhino with a very impressive horn!

We now headed out of the national park via a different entrance and back to the lodge. We got back at about 3.30 and so had a grab up before having a drink and sorting the photos.

In no particular order we saw:

  • Wart hogs
  • Impala
  • Zebra
  • Thomson’s gazelles
  • Grand gazelles (bigger than Thomson gazelles)
  • Baboon
  • Water buck
  • Buffalo
  • Yellow billed stork
  • Lilac breasted roller
  • Cattle Egret on top of buffalo
  • Ox pecker – pecking on blood of buffalo
  • Spoon billed stalk
  • Greater cattle egret
  • Egyptian geese
  • Cormorants
  • White rhino (named because of their wide mouth not colour!)
  • Crowned cranes
  • Flamingos
  • Pelicans
  • Superb starling
  • Rothschild’s giraffe
  • Black faced vavic monkey
  • Bee eater
  • Jackal
  • Baboons
  • Ogre buzzard
  • Malibu stork
  • Masai ostrich

After playing some cards by the fire it was soon time for dinner, a glass of wine and then, to bed by 9pm!

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