Nairobi to Nakuru – November 4th 2014

After an early breakfast we checked out of the hotel and met James for the journey to Nakuru. As it was Sunday, the roads were quieter as we drove out of Nairobi. All along the roadside there we people visiting roadside markets and heading to church with kids dressed in their Sunday finest! The houses along the side of the road were a mixture of new buildings with tiles and bricks, and more basic metal ones!

There seems to be lots of construction in greater Nairobi, widening of roads, new buildings and expanding the city in all directions.

We were travelling on the road to Nakuru which heads north and west. The road is all tarmaced but very bumpy. The road climbed steadily.

After just over an hour stopped as were heading downhill where we could see the great rift valley, running over 6000 miles from Jordan to the Indian Ocean.

We could also see some houses and Masai enclosures at the bottom of the hill.

At the bottom of escarpment, the road was much smoother as it crossed the valley floor. Asking the way we saw few dead animals on the side of the road including hyena. We travelled through a number of towns en route. The road was single carriageway and watching some of the overtaking manoeuvres of local drivers around slower lorries was ‘interesting’!

Just before Nakuru, after about 4 hours driving from Nairobi, we turned off the main road and after a further 15 minutes we turned into the Soysambu wildlife conservancy. We travelled 5km along dusty tracks and came and a corner to find, hidden in a load of trees, the Mbwehe lodge, our home for the next two nights.

Odd bath arrangement!

The lodge is a cluster of 10 individual buildings with a central sunken bar and sitting area. We are ok to wander some you in daylight but have to be escorted back to our room once dark.

We had a lovely three course lunch of salad, roast chicken or beef Stroganoff and a dessert. With a few hours to relax we played some cards and had a beer. There was a heavy thunderstorm but no lightening, just as well as the buildings all have thatched a roof.

We met James again just before 4pm and went on a drive around the conservancy. It’s just outside the national park and we drove mainly along the fence seeing a number of animals on the way!

  • Eland
  • Baboons
  • Zebra
  • Cape buffalo
  • Black faced Barbour monkey
  • Rothschild giraffe
  • Hadada Ibis
  • Wart hog
  • Secretary bird
  • Goshawk
  • Impala
  • Common Guinea fowl

Jackel – which the Mbwehe lodge is named after.

We arrived back and ordered our food for dinner…another three course meal!

With time to spare before our meal we went back to the bar to review the photos of the day over a beer.

It was soon time for food, after which we finished our drinks sitting by the open fire. It was definitely needed (the fire that is) as the temperature drops quickly after dark.

When we got back to the room, the beds had been turned down, the mosquito net put up (although we were told that there are no mosquitos at the moment!) and there were hot water bottles in the bed – very cosy!

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