Daft 14 – 3rd May 2018 – Merida

The rest of the group were heading off to some pools any potholes today but as Ed didn’t fancy that, we arranged for a tour to see more Mayan ruins at Uxmal. The tour was due to pick us up at 9am. However, things didn’t quite go to plan and, eventually the tour was cancelled!

We decided to walk into the main square and see if we could pick up a tour. However, the ones that we found were very expensive! So, we decided to be adventurous and catch a local bus to the site, about 50 miles from Merida.

We walked to the bus station and booked our tickets and the bus left on time and we arrived at the site without incident at about midday. (Perhaps not the best time to arrive when it is 35 degrees!)

The site had a number of explanations and we elected not to hire a guide.

The picture above gives some detail about the site itself so I won’t copy that here!

We spent the next couple of hours wandering around and marvelling at the engineering of the Mayans!

House of the magician

Quadrangle of the nuns – named after the similarity to European convents

Ball game court

The great pyramid

Double headed jaguar

There were also lots of iguanas baking in the sun around the site.

Some of the steps on the pyramids were very steep and there were quite a few unguarded drops!

Once we had finished had an hour or so before the bus back to Merida and so we had a (quite expensive by Mexican standards) lunch, with it was really nicely presented!

The afternoon seemed to keep heating up and by the time we were waiting for the bus it was roasting! There were already quite a few people waiting to get on the bus when it arrived but fortunately we were able to get a seat. The 90 minute ride back was something to be endured as the air conditioning on the bus really couldn’t cope and we baked for most of the journey. It was a real relief when we got back to Merida.

Swimming pool

After the walk back to the hotel I went for a swim with some of the test of the group who had already got back and then for a shower.

A few of us meet at 7 and went for a meal at a traditional Mayan restaurant. The food was excellent and I had the Porc Chuc!

Porc Chuc

After the meal we stopped for an ice cream before heading back to the room for a night cap and an early night…6.30 am departure tomorrow!

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  1. Can’t believe the magnificence of such old buildings that I have never even heard of much less seen pictures of! We are wanting warm weather but maybe not that hot. Good job you at least enjoy the pool.
    Take care xx

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