Day 10 – 29th April 2018 – San Cristobal

We skipped breakfast and had a coffee in the courtyard of the hotel just before we meet the rest of the group at 9am for today’s top to a canyon – Canyon de Sumidero.

We had a private minibus booked and the trip took about an hour, much of it downhill! On arrival we were given lifejackets and we boarded a speed boat.

The boat took us through a canyon for, apparently, 32km and every so often the driver stopped to point out some wildlife or interesting facts about the canyon.

The river want originally navigable until they built a hydro electric dam at one end which made the river much deeper… From 30m deep where we started to 250m deep where we turned around.

The river rises in Guatemala and ends in the gulf of Mexico. On the to we saw Crocs, spider monkeys, various birds and amazing scenery.

Apologies for the wrong way around cap!

Spider monkey 🐒
Rick formation, caused by waterfalls in the rainy season

Another crocodile

The canyon is apparently 1km deep at this point!

The tour lasted about 2 hours and then we made the return trip to San Cristobal. When we got back it was time for some food and we ate in a lovely courtyard. The food was average but the setting was lovely.

Ed and I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets, soaking up the atmosphere and watching the world go by! We walked to one end of the town to a church which have great views of the whole town. San Cristobal seems to be one of those places that hippies congregate in and never leave. Hence, the atmosphere is relaxed and had a mixture of local people and hippies plying there wares and entertaining crowds which makes for a colourful scene.

We then walked back into town and spent some time watching things in the town, interspersed with some refreshments.

This included a really large rally in support of the upcoming elections in July! It was all pretty peaceful, but very noisy, of that’s not a contradiction in terms!

After going back to the hotel for a shower we meet some of the group and ended up in a pizza place for some food.. which was delicious. Ed and I had a final nightcap at the wine bar from last night before heading to bed for an early night, ahead of our 4am departure tomorrow.

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