Day 8 – 27th April 2018 – Oaxaca to San Cristobal

We had a later start this morning and there were no plans to meet anyone until we needed to leave for the bus station this evening.

Parrots at our hotel

After getting up we walked a block to a coffee shop and had a very acceptable cup of coffee and a pain au chocolate. The coffee was so good we even bought some to take home!

Back at our room we sorted out packing out and then checked out. With nothing specific planned for the day we walked towards the main square and stopped off at a number of attractions in the way.

First was the church of Santo Domingo, another fairly gaudily decorated church!

Santo Domingo

Next we stopped at a cooperative shop with loads of local craftsmen seeking their wares… There was nothing that took our fancy!

A further walk into the centre and we ended up in the main square with the cathedral. We wandered around there but it was less impressive than anything that we’ve seen so far.

Street scene


Main square – Zocalo

By now it was time to stop and have some refreshments and to decide what to do for the rest of the day. We agreed on a trip to Monte Alban, a Zatopec settlement about 5 miles from Oaxaca, high on a hill top. We headed to a local hotel and bought a round trip.

The journey took about 20 minutes up a windy road from Oaxaca. The setting was quite impressive and gave fantastic views of Oaxaca and the valley beyond. The settlement was first founded around 300 BC and inhabited and adapted over the coming centuries.

The scale of the settlement was far bigger than the ruins that saw yesterday with many ruins labelled as temples.

We wandered around the site for the next hour and a half getting increasingly warm.

We finished far earlier than our return trip was due and so we took a taxi back to the centre of Oaxaca and to a roof top bar near the Santa Domingo where we had some rather tasty food… Ed’s meal in particular was quite impressive!

We moved next door to another rooftop bar that we had been in yesterday and met up with Steve. After one beer we could see the rain coming in so started waking back to the hotel. About halfway back the heavens opened and so we dived into a nearby restaurant for a drink. Once the rain stopped we walked back to the hotel for a final drink on the veranda, bought from the local supermarket.

Just before 7pm we retrieved our bags and changed in preparation for our overnight bus journey to San Cristobal. The group has had a bet on our arrival time in San Cristobal with the winner having a free breakfast! Our taxis took us the short journey to the bus station and here we night provisions for the trip! We boarded the bus just before 8. The bus itself has plenty of legroom and comfy seats but, unfortunately, smells like a rugby team might just have had a long journey on it!

The journey itself was uneventful. The first part was a very windy road through the mountains which affected some of our group. For my part I managed more sleep on the bus than on any night so far on our trip. We arrived in San Cristobal at exactly 7.32am, which was the time that Ed had predicted!

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  1. Super photos with churches in particular having a real wow factor.
    Seems you are having the rain we are having but guess that in between you sun is somewhat warmer!
    Take care much love xx

    Liked by 1 person

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