Day 6 – 25th April 2018 – Puebla to Oaxaca.

An early start this morning and an alarm call at 6am. We packed and met our group at 7am for a taxi ride to the bus station. Once at the waiting room we went to find some breakfast before boarding our bus for the 5 ish hour journey to Oaxaca (pronounced Wahaka).

Like the last bus this one was had comfy seats and plenty of legroom.

The roads in Mexico, once outside of the cities are pretty good.. smooth and well maintained. Our route took us south, through wide plains with scrub type bushes and what appeared to be the odd farm.

After a couple of hours the road climbed through some mountain ranges with amazing views!

After almost 5 his we arrived in Oaxaca and caught a taxi to our hotel. The hotel is a lot smaller than the last couple that we have been in and about a 20 minute walk from the centre of the historic party of the city. It’s set around a lovely courtyard with lots of greenery.

View up to the balcony with our room on

We dropped our bags off in our room and walked with our guide to the Zocalo. The buildings here are a very different colour to those we have seen so far and are built from a greeny coloured rock. The town also seems far more touristy than the Puebla.

Our hotel in Oaxaca
Murals on the wall outside our hotel

We walked towards the centre and passed the Santa Domingo cathedral. Another impressive Catholic ediface!

Santo Domingo

There are lots of artisan shops in Oaxaca and this lovely lady advertised the entrance to a cooperative of local families!

It felt really hot by now and we were all hungry so after arriving at the main square we went through the ‘normal’ market and into the food market where we stopped for some lunch!

After eating Valeria took us to a chocolate store where they make their own dairy free chocolate.

We then had some free time so wandered back, taking in the sights and sounds on Oaxaca. Just opposite the cathedral we came across a roof top bar so felt it necessary to see what it was like. The view was good and the beer cold!

After a quick shower back at the hotel we meet everyone for some more food! This time we went to a place called Taqueria El Primo, just down the road from the hotel. It was pretty basic inside and the menu was short. However I had the speciality tacos which was marinated pork meat, cut from a kebab, pineapple and coriander, along with some fresh salad and chili sauce. They were very tasty and we both ate for less than £10!

A quick beer in the balcony of the hotel for a night cap and then it was bedtime!

3 thoughts on “Day 6 – 25th April 2018 – Puebla to Oaxaca.

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  1. I loved Oaxaca when we were there but it wasn’t as touristy as it looks now. Are you eating the local salads? John made us avoid those and I really fancied them….and a shaved ice!! Really enjoying your journal….keep it up x


    1. It’s definitely more touristy than the other places we’ve been… But still enjoying.

      I’m not a salad buff to be honest, but think they often use mineral water to wash it now! 😉


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