Day 4- 23rd April 2018 – Mexico City to Puebla

An early start this morning with the alarm set for 6am. In the event I was awake anyway so it didn’t really matter. We packed and checked out before having breakfast and then meeting everyone for our trip to Teotihucan.

The journey took about an hour to the archeological site about 40km North of Mexico City. The site was the centre of the Teotihucan dynasty who were in Mexico for over a thousand years between about 300BC and 700 AD – amazing really that we’d never heard of them. (The Aztecs, in contrast, were only really around for 200 years from the 12th Century).

The first area that we saw was the citadel. Our guide told us all about the construction, most of which I’ve forgotten already. However I do recall him saying that the rocks were transported from arrive 50 miles away! He also told us about the temples around the citadel and the fact that it was constructed so that the sun rises in one corner and sets in another on the Spring equinox, in the middle on midsummers day and in the opposite corners on the autumn equinox! The various temples around the citadel represent the sun and moon cycles and the city itself was home to up to 200,000 people!

Next we walked to the pyramid of the sun which is the larger of the two. It used to have 260 steps to the top which also had some significance!

We climbed to the top and were treated to amazing views. The steps were very steep in places and this made going down even more of a challenge!

Pyramid of the moon in the distance

Having safely navigated the route down, we then walked along to the pyramid of the moon. You couldn’t climb right to the top of this one and Ed decided not to bother at all! However, I walked up and negotiated the very high steps!

Just before we left, the father of our guide for the day came along. He is a local medicine man and he played a blessing on his pipe.

It was getting pretty warm by now and we were glad to head back to the bus for a short drive to where we were to have lunch. It was a lovely setting and the food, and beer, were definitely welcome! This is probably the best meal we’ve had so far in Mexico as the tortillas were delicious! There were a couple of guitarists playing the usual Mexican songs and it did add something to the atmosphere!

The drive back to Mexico City to about an hour and as soon as we arrived and collected our luggage it was off again to the bus station. This took another 45 minutes.

We checked our bags in and then eventually boarded the 15.35 coach to Puebla. The coach itself was comfortable, modern and had plenty of leg room!

The journey to Puebla took about 2 hours and in arrival at the bus station we took taxis to the hotel.

Puebla is Mexico’s 5th largest city with approximately 4 million residents. However the main square where we are doesn’t make it feel like that at all.

The hotel, Hotel Du Portal, is in an excellent location and our room overlooks the main square. It’s a traditional style hotel but with a lovely entrance hall. The room itself is a decent size too.

View from our balcony
Hotel du Portal

We had a quick shower then meet everyone again for an orientation walk. This was somewhat curtailed as a thunderstorm started! We tried some churros at the end of the tour too!

It was time for tea and so we all agreed that the Mexican inspired Italian was the best choice. We’d ordered a pizza with the local sauce (mole poblano) as one of the toppings. The sauce includes chocolate and I think was an acquired taste – one which neither of us really acquired!

After food, Ed headed back to the hotel and I joined some of the others to go and watch the local wrestling! It was held in what seems to be a purpose built arena with various people moving around selling snacks and other tatt! It was quite an experience and despite knowing that it is staged, there were some painful looking encounters.

We walked home via the main square which was really nicely illuminated!


Time for bed!

2 thoughts on “Day 4- 23rd April 2018 – Mexico City to Puebla

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  1. Wow such different experiences and like China – numbers of people and age of buildings and sites we have never heard of are amazing. Take care and continue to enjoy xx


  2. What a day!!! Isn’t it amazing that all these people and building existed that we’ve never heard of? It’s true that travel really does broaden the mind. Looking forward to tomorrows offering xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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