Day 1 – 20th April 2018 – London to Mexico City

Fairly uneventful day. Easy journey to Heathrow and the obligatory first holiday beer in the lounge!

Flight was smooth, with a couple of nice meals to break up the films! Flying backwards was a novel experience but not much else to report.

We arrived on time and after clearing customs, quickly found out transfer driver. A short delay in the car park as he’s forgotten where he parked the car but eventually we were on our way.

At 9.30 on a Friday evening the roads were busy, but we didn’t really get held up. It was still pretty warm, but not unbearably so.

It seems that our hotel had been changed to the hotel Century…a 21 story block in the Zona Rosa. Or room is clean and bright and as we’re on the 18th floor I’m hoping we’ll have a good view tomorrow!

We walked to the corner of the street to get some cash from an ATM before a quick first Mexican beer at the bar in our hotel.

By 10.30 we were both ready for bed. Looking forward to a day of sightseeing tomorrow!

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