Saturday 21st October – San Jose – Madrid – Birmingham

Despite not needing to get up early we still woke before 6am.  We met some of the others who were still in the hotel for breakfast at 8.30 and then after packing and checking out we had a wander around San Jose.  The city itself is pretty compact and we were able to see most of it in a couple of hours.

We visited the National Theatre and had a coffee and cake before walking up and down the main street.  Costa Rica doesn’t really have many old buildings and most of the new ones are pretty utilitarian.  Still, if killed a couple of hours whilst we waited for our 12.30 transfer to the airport.


Our transfer went smoothly and our flight to Madrid left on time.

So, sitting here in Madrid passing the 5 hour connection time until our flight to Birmingham!

My reflections on Costa Rica:-

  • Extremely hospitable and friendly people – everywhere we went the people that we met were welcoming and seemed genuinely pleased that we were visiting.
  • An odd currency arrangement where everything can be bought in either Colones (the local currency) or US dollars!
  • The country seems to have a commitment to ecology and protecting the environment – perhaps unsurprising given the amount of income fro tourism.
  • Beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife – everywhere you go is rich with animal and plant life.

Overall, a fantastic trip  with great memories!

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