Wednesday 18th October 2017 – Monteverde to Quepos

We had an early alarm call so that we were ready to depart at 7am for the 5 hour drive to Quepos. Packing the rucksack is getting harder now that along with clothes, we are having to find space for the coffee and sweets that we have bought.


The first 90 minutes of the journey was on unmade roads and there were a number of short delays caused by workmen trying to repair the damage from the recent storm.  We also stopped briefly for a photo opportunity.

The road wound its way down the valley with thick forest on either side and we bounced our way down until we came to the main road to San Jose and Quepos.  After a short time we stopped at a lovely roadside café.  It became immediately clear that the drop in altitude from 1500m to almost sea level had made a huge difference to the temperature and when we got off the bus it was warm and dry!  The coffee at this stop was excellent, as was the chicken sandwich which was filled with avocado, lettuce and tomato, with a slice of pineapple on the side.

We carried on a main road and stopped at a bridge crossing a river for views of the local crocodile population.

Sometime later, driving along the coast road, the driver braked fairly suddenly as he had spotted a flock of scarlet macaws.  They have spectacular colours, but are pretty difficult to get good photos of.

The weather here was significantly warmer than at Monteverde! We drove on and eventually arrived at Quepos at about 2pm and we were able to check in to the hotel.


After a short break we all met up to catch the public bus to Manuel Antonio, the village at the entrance to the national park, about 7km from Quepos.

By the time we arrived we were all keen to get some food and so we had a lunch overlooking the ocean.  We were also able to spot squirrel monkeys from our table! We’ve now seen all of the four different types of monkey in Costa Rica.

After food we caught the public bus back to spend the evening in a couple of the local bars, first watching the sunset in a bar which has an old plane which was abandoned in Costa Rica airport in the 1980s following Costa Rica’s involvement in the crisis in Nicaragua, and afterwards in a pool bar!  The sunset wasn’t as good as the previous evening, but the cocktail was very tasty!

We ended up getting a taxi  back because the heavens had opened and there was a thunderstorm!


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