Monday 16th October 2017 – Monteverde

After breakfast at the lodge of fruit, pancakes and scrambled eggs, we drove about 15 minutes up the road to the Monteverde cloud forest.  The recent storm damage meant that the reserve that groups usually get taken to was closed.  There was also quite extensive damage to the trails in the Monteverde forest and we had to walk the last half a mile because the road was closed as part of it had been washed away.

We spent the next 3 hours wandering through the forest looking for wildlife.  Unfortunately we were not as lucky as on previous wildlife walks and we didn’t see large numbers of animals or birds.  The birds that we did see were much smaller and not as colourful.  However, we did manage to spot a couple of agoutis (a small rodent about the size of a cat), some butterflies and a number of birds.  It was also interesting to see the trees, some of which also support huge amounts of other plants which live on them.

At the entrance to the forest is a cafe which has set up bird feeders which attract significant numbers of different hummingbirds.  We all attempted to get some decent shots, but the speed at which they move made that a bit tricky.

After a quick coffee and empanada for me, we were taken back into the main town where we had a mooch around at the various shops before getting some more refreshment at the Treehouse restaurant – built around a large tree.  The pizza was delicious there!


After another drinks stop, we started to walk back to the lodge.  The town is built on a number of hills and the walk back up was very steep in places.

Our last activity for the day was a night walk to spot some creatures that come out at night!  This started at 5.30pm and we were led through the forest by a local guide.  We were able to spot some stick insects, a couple of armadillos, a large tarantula, a number of other spiders and, finally, a sloth high up in the trees with a baby.

(Awaiting photo from ED!!!) 

The minibus dropped us back in town and we had a meal at Mar y Tierra.  The steak in a hot sauce was probably the best meal so far in Costa Rica – tasty, well cooked and served and in nice surroundings, all for a very reasonable price.  Ed’s chicken with bacon and cheese also looked excellent!


After food, some of the group, including Ed, headed back to the hotel whilst Anja, Cheryl, Angela and Fran went to a local bar with some pool tables where we played pool (mostly badly).  Sadly, by the time we finished at about 11, the taxis had all stopped running and so we had to walk back up the hill to the hotel again!  A final nightcap was required as a refreshment after our efforts!

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