Sunday 15th October 2017 – La Fortuna to Monteverde

There were no plans today until our transfer to Monteverde at 2.30pm so we had a lazier start.  After breakfast at 8.30am we needed to decide whether to visit the waterfall at La Fortuna.  However, we elected for a more relaxed day spent around the town and we wandered into the centre.

Our first stop was the rainforest cafe where we had a very nice coffee and a huge piece of cake!

We spent the next hour or so wandering around town and seeing what tat there was to buy in the various souvenir shops.  As we wandered past one of the bars, Cheryl, Amanda and Angela called out to us and we used the heat of the day as an excuse to stop for refreshments.  It turns out that it was happy hour before 11am and so we just managed to order a cheeky cocktail before the end – a pinacolada for me and a Mai Tai for Ed.


As we had to checkout by midday, we headed back to the hotel. On our way back we saw some marching bands who appeared to be performing some sort of competition. We were lucky to see two iguanas sunning themselves by the pool when we got back to the hotel!

We walked back into town for some lunch and met up again with Cheryl et al.  We initially went to a local soda, but it was quite busy and so we went back to the Lava Lounge.  We ordered a number of different dishes to share including tortillas filled with cheese and chicken, spicy chicken wings, nachos and deep fried yucca.  It was delicious!


It was now time to meet up with Fran and the rest of the group for our transfer to Monteverde.  At the hotel we loaded our bags onto a minibus which took us about 30 minutes up the road where we changed to a boat.  This was to take us across Lake Arenal to meet up with another minibus for the final journey to Monteverde.  The boat ride took about 45 minutes and we could see the mountains rising from the lake and some amazing views of the lake and volcano.


The journey on the other side was about 2 hours and we were able to see some of the numerous and large landslides that had been caused by a recent storm.

The sunsets at around 5.30pm in Costa Rica and so Monteverde was dark when we arrived at 6pm.  However, we had been able to stop a couple of times to take some photos of a spectacular sunset.


Our hotel is the Historia lodge, which is about 15 minutes walk from the main centre.  The whole area is pretty hilly and also a lot cooler as it is about 1500m above sea level. We were given our rooms and then met back up in the common area to decide what we wanted to do over the next few days.

After agreeing that we all wanted to do the night walk the following day we walked a short distance to a local restaurant for some dinner.  I had sea bass in a white wine sauce which was lovely. (Sea bass is quite common in Costa Rica and also inexpensive).  We returned to the hotel and had a couple of nightcaps with some of our fellow travellers before going to bed!



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