Saturday 14th October – La Fortuna

We were up for breakfast at 7am having had a good night’s sleep. The hotel we are in at the moment, the Arenal Radfer has air conditioning so it wasn’t quite as hot and sticky as previous nights.  The same guide from yesterday arrived to take us to the Tenorio Volcano national park.  The main attraction here is the blue coloured river, the Rio Celeste.

The journey took about 2 hours and on the way we spotted a toucan:

img-20171014-wa0004-15482736778876403316.jpgThe weather closed in on the journey and by the time that we were ready for our walk it was hammering down!  Undeterred we set off on the trail.  The trail is itself is about 2.5 miles and the rain continued for the first 30 minutes or so.  Fortunately the weather remained warm!


Our first stop was at the waterfall.  We descended loads of steps to a view point where we had a great view of the waterfall and the blue colouring.  The rain had stopped now but the mist remained, but it didn’t stop us being able to see how unusual the colour was.


pano_20171014_101834-16743365788025985436.jpgWe retraced our steps up to the footpath and walked upwards along a trail with the river below.  The path got increasingly muddy and more difficult to negotiate!

After another 20 minutes or so we came to a lookout where we should have been able to see two craters of the volcano.  However, the mist defeated us and all we could see was into the valley below.

We descended to the river, following the track and came to an area with a pool.  Once again we could see the blue colour of the water.  There was also an increasingly sulphourous smell caused by the volcanic gases bubbling into the river.

The final leg of the walk was to see the source of the Rio Celeste.  We continued alongside the river crossing a couple of bridges which had a limit of one person at a time!

After about half a km we arrived at the source of the river,where two other rivers meet and cross a seam of minerals which give the river its colouring.


We returned to the car park by the same route, hoping to be able to see some wildlife, but we weren’t as lucky this time.

We stopped for lunch in a local soda before starting on the journey back to La Fortuna.  On the way we stopped at a huge old tree.  You can see how much other life relies on the tree with other plants growing on it.  We also spotted another blue jeans frog, this time you could also see the tadpole being carried on its back.  The frog was taking it up the tree to find a plant, like a bromeliad, with a reservoir of water.

It was almost 4pm by the time we got back to La Fortuna and I took the opportunity to have a swim in the hotel pool.

We had a couple of hours to kill so after a couple of beers we met with the rest of the group, but without our guide, for some food.  We headed to a soda in the centre of the town and were served beer in jam jars!


Our last stop of the night, with a depleted group, was to a bar serving craft beers.  Despite this, we still managed to be in bed by 10.30pm!

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