Wednesday 11th October – Sarapiqui

Seems that my assumption that I’m over the jet lag is a myth…or maybe it is just the noise of the animals and the lack of curtains that saw us awake at 5am. Eventually we admitted defeat and showered and dressed before heading to the communal area at about 6.15!  Alex, the owner, a 67 year old Costa Rican, a former trucker in the USA, and owner of the lodge was around and preparing the table for breakfast.  I used it as a chance to catch up on my diary and uploaded previous days writings as the Wifi at the previous place had been patchy.  Ed caught up on dealing with a cottage booking!

 We were steadily joined by the rest of our group and had a breakfast of fresh passion fruit juice, coffee, toast and fresh pineapple.

At 7.45 we took a taxibus for a short journey from the lodge to La Selve biological reserve.  This reserve was set up a few decades ago to try to preserve some of the old forests from destruction and now takes in a variety of landscapes including primary forest, secondary forest and old disused agriculture land.  We were taken for a guided walking tour along well maintained paths by a ranger.  His eyesight was amazing and he managed to spot a wide variety of birds, iguanas and reptiles including a yellow viper and a toucan.  He also showed us the nesting hole of a bat which had climbed into a wooden post and he was able to give us some history of the park as well.  Fortunately the sun stayed out although it got increasingly hot and humid. 

A list of what we saw:

  • Iguana (photo)
  • Bat – in a wooden column!
  • Broad billed Motmot bird (photo)
  • Blue jeans poison dart frog
  • Arboreal termites
  • Millipede
  • Toucan collared aracari
  • Oropendula (bird with yellow tail feathers)
  • Golden web spider
  • Bullet ant
  • Slatey tailed trogan (red and blue bird)
  • Eye lash viper (yellow)
  • Black throated trogan
  • Kapoch tree
  • Grasshopper (mot mot foot)
  • Green ibis
  • Picory
  • Crested guan

 The tour finished at 11.30am and we travelled back to the lodge to a welcome beer from the fridge!

For lunch, Fran arranged for another taxi to take us a couple of miles up the main road to a roadside Soda.  Soda’s are cheap local eateries in Costa Rica.  As we stepped out of the taxi the heat hit us and we spent the next few minutes acclimatising to the temperature and humidity again. Three of us ordered a beer (cerveza) to drink, but it seems that it was lost in translation as we all ended up with a fresca, a strawberry iced milkshake.  It was, nevertheless, very refreshing.

Some photos of our treehouse from the outside and the view from the balcony:

After lunch we headed back to the lodge.  The afternoon had been dedicated as R&R and so after a short time trying to spot more birds and the resident sloth (not yet seen) from the communal area, four of us decided to walk the 15 minutes into the main town to grab a drink and pick up some supplies.  The town seems to be mainly on one strip, with all the usual shops set in similar one room units with shutters that can be closed and the compulsory football pitch.  The heat of the day hadn’t yet diminished, although it got increasingly cloudy and after a quick drink, we had a heavy shower which meant that we got pretty damp…but the coolness was quite refreshing.

We spent the next couple of hours relaxing, grabbing showers and spotting tree frogs before walking back into town for food at another soda.  The portions were huge but very tasty. By the time we got back it was 9pm, so I had one more drink with a couple of the other travellers before retiring for the night.

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