Day 10 – 14th January 2017 – Marrakech

We had a lazy start and Ed proved he was feeling better by having some breakfast!

We said some goodbyes before walking into the centre for a final wander through the Medina and souks with just three others, Simone, Sarah and Will.

After watching Simone barter for some more shopping we headed back to Kosy bar for one final drink before walking back to the hotel for our airport transfer.

The Marrakesh airport experience was not a particularly great one. It seems that the Moroccans expect you to know that you have to complete an exit form (like a landing card) before you go through the immigration desk. The jobsworth that I ended up with sent be to the back of the queue and told me that it was not his problem. Then, in the duty free shop, for some odd reason, they don’t accept Moroccan currency, only euros, and so we couldn’t use our last remaining currency.

The flight itself was uneventful but by now neither of us was feeling great and so when we landed and checked into our hotel, we simply went to bed. But of an anticlimax to a lovely holiday in an interesting country.

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