Day 9 – 13th January 2017 – Marrakech

After a broken sleep, our overnight train arrived into Marrakech at 8.30 and it was 9.30 before we arrived at the hotel Caspian and had some breakfast. 

As Ed was still feeling ropey we decided to wait until our room was ready and check in. We had a lazy day, popping out for a pizza at lunchtime. Ed spent most of it sleeping and I read on the rooftop of the hotel. 

We tried to walk into the centre in time to have a wander and meet up with our fellow travellers for a goodbye meal. However, Ed didn’t make it and after we walked back to the hotel I went into the centre on my own.

I found the rooftop bar that we’d been to when we visited Marrakech before and had a quick drink overlooking the hustle and bustle in the square below.

I then walked to meet the others for a final tagine. We agreed to meet for breakfast to say some final farewells. 

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