Day 8 – 12th January 2017 – Chefchaouen to Tangier

After breakfast we checked out of our hotel and climbed into a minibus which was to take us the 3 hour journey to Tangiers. The this was windy and it snaked its way through the lower Rif mountains. We stopped briefly at Tatouen before arriving at Tangier just before midday. 

After a short time exploring the area Mohammed walked us to the sea front and along to a small Lebonease restaurant where we had lunch and which would also serve as our meeting place later. It turned out that the restaurant was almost next door to the Rif hotel where I stayed on a family holiday around 30 years ago!  The sea front looked vaguely familiar, although it has clearly undergone some renovation, but the photo on the outside of the hotel showing the swimming pool was instantly recognisable. 

Next stop was the caves of Hercules where there is an entrance in the shape of the African continent (if you have a good imagination!)

It is also a place where generations before have come to hollow out mill stones for olive oil presses and it was clear to see where the stones have been carved. 

We were dropped back off at the main square and had 4 hours to explore veggie breeding to be back at the restaurant to leave for our overnight train to Marrakech. 

We wandered through the narrow streets of the Medina, done if which were brightly painted. 

Tangiers had a reputation for Street hustlers and although authorities have, apparently, attempted to clean up the city, we received far more attention than in places we’ve been before. 

As night feel we stopped for a couple of drinks in I’ve of the nicer hotels where they also bright a steady stream of canapés with our drinks. There was a very bright full moon rising above the port, although I don’t think this picture really does it justice. 

Ed want feeling well by this point and had been sick a few times so we walked back to the restaurant to meet the others. 

At 9 pm the minibus cane to drive us the short way to the train station and we boarded our train to Marrakech. The Moroccan sleeper trains seem comfortable enough and there were four of us out cabin. The train left, a little late, at 10.15 on, with not much else to do, we settled down for some sleep. 

One thought on “Day 8 – 12th January 2017 – Chefchaouen to Tangier

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  1. Wow, I was going to say fancy 30 years on an still recognisable but given it was Hitler’s HQ and we were there in 83 guess it is sot so
    Surprising. Can’t believe you didn’t go in fir a quick
    Peek and a photo. Xx


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