Day 7 – 11th January 2017 – Chefchaouen

After breakfast which consisted of the usual bread, pancake, coffee and delicious fresh orange juice, we met with most of our group for a morning hike into the hills behind Chefchaouen.  The weather was better than yesterday and the route took us up a well made path to a mosque sitting high on the hillside, seemingly all on its own. It was built by the Spanish and isn’t in use. 

We walked in and up, waking along unmade paths and thurough farm yards with a mix of ramshackle farms and some nicely maintained buildings. 

We came across another mosque, decorated in the same blue and white in the town. 

Towards the halfway point in our walk we came across a farm where there was cannabis growing.  Our guide explained that most of it has been harvested but we could still see odd plants growing along the way. (cannabis is illegal in Morocco but it’s widely sold and there have been many offers by locals as we’ve been walking around Chefchaouen.)

Slightly further on we came across a rough building, hidden in a dip behind some trees where there was a rhythmic stunning noise which is apparently the processing of the cannabis plants. We didn’t venture any closer however! 

The return journey was down a slightly different route to the outward one and passed more goat herders and could see many more high on the steep hillside. 

We arrived back at our hotel in time to head into Chefchaouen for lunch which we ate on a rooftop restaurant overlooking the main square. The chicken cous cous was delicious!  

After some more exploring we wandered to the parador hotel where we sat on the terrace with a beer and exchanging travel stories with some of our fellow travellers – one of the real delights of travelling in a group, gaining ideas of where to go next! 

After a couple of hours rest we had dinner in the hotel – goat tagine for me- before a few games cards and an early night…. Tangier tomorrow!

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