Day 4 – 8th January 2017 – Moulay Idriss to Volubilis to Meknes to Fez

After a breakfast of flat bread, jams and the freshest bread, along with very fresh orange juice we left our accommodation and got our taxis to Volubilis, Roman ruins. 
Volubilis is apparently the furthest south that the Romans ventured and the were some amazingly well preserved floors, although much of the site was destroyed in a 17th century earthquake and remains to be excavated. 

We saw remnants of what were clearly some huge Roman villas and had a very pleasant couple of hours wandering around with the help of a knowledgeable guide. 

Our taxis took us the 30 minute drive back to Members where we left our luggage and then dropped us off for a walk around the city with another local guide.  We saw the grain store and stables, destroyed in the Lisbon earthquake in the 17th century. 

Next we wandered around the city walls, behind which used to be a number of palaces with some very ornate gates. 

By now it was passed lunchtime and so we were taken into the souks for a camel burger… Nice but hardly distinguishable from beef, but served in a flat bread.  The place we ate was tiny and we squashed into two booths either side of a narrow alley. I don’t think the camel below was related!

After finishing our burger we walked back through the narrow streets into the main square. This was now busy with hawkers and snake charmers, people with monkeys, sadly chained up, that you could have photos with amongst the stalls selling the usual wares. 

We caught an aging Mercedes taxi, probably about 35 years old and seemingly showing almost 900,000km on the clock, back to the hotel where we’d left our luggage. We then made the 10 minute walk to the train station to catch a train to Fez. 

The train was only about an hour and when we arrived we were taken the short since to our hotel by mini bus. The hotel Olympic is clean and modern, although the shower was only luke warm when I had a shower to freshen up. We we greeted with a glass of mint tea. 

We had a couple of hours before we were due to meet for tea so we had a short where they the busy streets around our hotel before buying a couple of beers at a shop issue and bringing them back to the hotel lounge to drink – the hotel has no bar!  The off licence was small and busy with locals.

We meet the rest of the group at 7 and walked a story distance to a restaurant for food where I chose some kebabs which came with potatoes and veg. Finally we returned to the hotel, via the off licence and had a few drinks with some of our fellow travellers! 

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