Day 1 – 5th January 2017 – home to Casablanca

Not really very much to say about today… But here goes anyway! 

Left home at 7.30 am and had an uneventful trip to Gatwick. We checked in and headed to the lounge to wait for our flight. 

Our flight left and arrived on time and there were some great views of the desert as we came in to land at Marrakech.  

Once clear of customs we headed to get a taxi. Having read up about the taxi touts we did as recommended and declined the offer to take us to the train station for 20 Euros. We eventually bartered a journey for about 4 Euros and still think this was probably too much. 
We managed to purchase our train tickets and the boarded a darkened train!  Once the lights were on we could see that the train was clean and reasonably modern, although no beer on sale!  The three hour journey to Casablanca was smooth and we arrived just after 10pm. 

Another taxi ride to our hotel and then having dropped our bags in our room, we had a rather pricey burger/sandwich and beer in the hotel before a relatively early night!  The adventure starts tomorrow! 

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