Day 23 – Saturday 16th January – Hanoi to London

We had an early alarm call at the hotel to ensure that we had time to finish packing and have breakfast before or transfer to the airport at 7.45am.

We arrived in good time and checked in. Our flight was delayed by an hour, but it didn’t really matter as we had plenty of time in Hong Kong before our flight home.

On arrival at Hong Kong we collected our luggage and went through immigration before leaving our cases in the left luggage sang catching a train into the city. The weather wasn’t great, drizzly and misty so we abandoned or plan to go up Victoria Peak fort the view and instead wandered around the city looking at dinner if the old colonial buildings.


After a quick bite to eat we caught the train across to Kowloon and walked through the flower, bird and fish markets, although the bird stalls had mostly closed for the evening.


By now it was time to head back to the airport where we retrieved our bags and checked in.

The flight left on time at 11.30pm and the pilot advised that we should make good time and arrive in London early but that we couldn’t land until 4.32am as this is the time that the airport opens for flights.

After a number of films and a little sleep, we landed as predicted at 4.32am and were greeted to a cold and snowy London.

Just the drive home now and the end to an amazing trip!

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