Day 13 – Wednesday 6th January – Hoi An

We had an early start this morning with a wake up alarm at 5.45am!  We meet the rest of the group on reception and Phuong took us in a walk back to the old town. The sun hasn’t really risen, and the roads were definitely a lot quieter. However, there were still a steady stream of mopeds heading around on their early morning business.


We walked over the 16th century Japanese bridge and around the old town.. a very different scene to that of last night.



We’re walked to the river where the rarely morning light allowed some great reflections on the river.



Finally, before we headed back to the hotel for breakfast, we walked through the market, which was bustling, despite the early hour.



There were all sorts of things on sale.. Some of the fish were still moving!

After breakfast we had a shower and freshen up, before meeting again at 9 am to get a shuttle to there old town. There Phuong showed us a number of skills of local craftsmen, including an optician, site maker, jewellery shop and tailor who promised made to measure clothes by tomorrow. We didn’t buy anything, although it seems that lots of our fellow travellers did! 

Ed and I spent a few hours wandering around the old town before heading back to the hotel where I had a swim in the pool. We had a relaxing afternoon before meeting a chef for a cookery class. He first took us the another local market and showed us all that was on sale… fruit, veg, meat and noodles!  I even managed to chiefly identify the carrots! 

We then headed to his restaurant where we were shown and then prepared four courses.. Fresh spring rolls, deep fried spring rolls, marinated mackerel and a green mango salad.



We were allowed to eat what we had made in between courses and I have to say that it read delicious! They even arranged a taxi back to the hotel where we had a couple of drinks before having an early night!

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