Day 12 – Tuesday 5th January – Quy Nhon to Hoi An

Another early start this morning and we were in the bus by 7.30 to travel the 330km to Hoi An, where we will stay for 3 nights.

Quy Nhon arms like a lovely place, much quieter than the other places that we’ve visited and with wide open streets, a sandy foreshore and warm water. The hotel wasn’t as good as the ones we’ve been used to, although the
Roof top bar was lovely.

We drove north, still on Highway 1, passing through similar scenery to yesterday, rice paddies, coast and more built up areas. Every so often the road was smooth, but we did have to slow down quite often when a bridge appeared as the join with the road usually isn’t smooth!

We stopped a couple of times, once for a toilet break and once for coffee. At midday we stopped at a restaurant besides a river for dinner lunch… Spring rolls for us both, before driving the short distance to My Son, site of a massacre by the US army on 16th March 1968 where 504 unarmed villagers, Men, women and children, including 18 pregnant women, were murdered. You are shown a film, before looking around the small museum where there are some VERY graphic photos taken by the US army photographer.



It was a balanced exhibition and also told the story of one if the US pilots who saved 10 villagers, when he could see what was happening, even threatening to fire on his own soldiers if they shot the people that he was trying to save. You can see the remains of the foundations of many of the houses, as well as one that had been reconstructed to look like it would have been on that morning.


All in all it was a very moving experience and I was left wondering how anyone could actually believe in what they were doing.

After another 2.5 hours we eventually arrived at our hotel in Hoi An. We said goodbye to Mr Minh, our driver, who is now heading back to Saigon. (Apparently it will take him 26 hours!). 

The hotel is lovely, with a pool and a bathroom that I think is bigger than the bedroom! 

After a shower we meet the others for some food at a place called Little Menu.  The prices were cheap and the food excellent and clearly freshly cooked. I had some duck spring rolls followed by snapper!

Finally we went for a wander around the town. Hoi An seems to be a buzzing place, set on a canal/river and the shops were all still open late into the evening.


Phuong has convinced us that it would be a good idea to meet him tomorrow at 6am to wander the streets before anyone else is around!  So it’s an early night with the alarm set! 

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  1. Little menu was where I did my cooking class, best food of the whole trip I think and they have their recipes on their website too 😊


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