Day 8 – Friday 1st January 2016 – Dalat

We started the day with breakfast which, as at our first hotel was an odd mix of choices.  However, there was a chef on hand to cook fresh eggs and I had a lovely omelette.

We left the hotel at 9am to visit the third palace of the 13th and final king of Vietnam, Bao Dai, who abdicated in 1945 and then moved to live in France. It was built by the French in the ’30’s and is in the art Deco style.


Next we moved onto a building called three crazy house.  It’s still being built having been started in 1990 and is pretty wacky, with walkways, many with low or no handrails going high above the buildings.  It reminded me of singer if the buildings in Barcelona. You can also stay there as there are a number of equally odd rooms.


From here we headed to the Then Vuong Pagoda which read a couple of miles out of Dalat. There are a number of buildings in the complex and the style is very different to the buildings that we saw in Tibet. Here there are bright colours and open airy worshipping spaces.




Our final stop before lunch was the old train station. You can only catch a local train here now, but it is the oldest station in Vietnam having been built by the French in the 1930’s.


We returned to the same place that we are last night for lunch but this time Phuong had arranged a set menu. The good just kept coming and included soup, deep fried shrimp, a couple of different curry dishes and a sweet and sour pot that you cooked on the table. We left absolutely stuffed.
From here it was on to another pagoda complex, via a cable car ride. This one was set alongside the lake and we wandered around there taking in the scenery!


Or final stop of the day was at a waterfall. However, to get to it you had to take a ‘roller coaster’.  What that actually meant was a toboggan which took you all the way to the bottom of the hill. Unfortunately, the couple in front of me appeared not to know how the thing worked and in the end it was a very slow trio down.


The waterfalls were good and seemed to have a lot of water flowing over them.  To get back to the top u could either walk up some steps or queue up to get another toboggan up.  The queue was pretty long and I had to remind a Russian man on the etiquette of queuing, in a very polite way if course!  The return trip was quick… and steep, and once at the top we drove back to the centre and were dropped off at the market which was maybe clothes, with syne fruit/veg places. 


We quickly realised that it wasn’t something that Ed or I would be interested in, although it read interesting trying to cross the roads and taking in there atmosphere. We walked back to the hotel and after a short rest, shower and refresh, we walked back to the centre to meet some of the rest of the group for dinner at the V cafe. My Thai green curry was delicious, although I really didn’t deserve to be hungary after the huge lunch!

We all headed back to the hotel and despite it being only 8.30, the others headed to their rooms. We had a game of cards in the hotel bar before having a relatively early night in preparation for he next leg of our adventure tomorrow! 

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  1. It all looks wonderful, such different sights. Makes me realise how little I know of so many places in the world and of all the things that were happening / places Being built in my generation ( even if not yours!) About which I know little or nothing. So keep travelling my love for, as the adage says, travel broadens the mind. Take care much love xx


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