Day 6 – Wednesday 30th December – Mekong delta to Ho Chi Minh city

We awoke early with the light streaming into the dormitory. After a light breakfast consisting of omelette (cold), fruit and delicious French bread, we said goodbye to our hosts and got back in the boat.


We cruised back down the river for about an hour passing many boats of all shapes and sizes.


We recrossed the Mekong river, pausing halfway for our driver to prepare fresh coconut to drink, and then sailed around the floating market where we tried even more fruit!  Each of the boats has a bamboo with the fruit or veg that they are selling tied to the top!


Then it was back to the harbour to rejoin our bus for the return to the city!

The bus journey was uneventful and we stopped again halfway for a drink… More Vietnamese coffee! 
We arrived back at the hotel at about midday, checked in and had a shower and change if clothes!  We then went for a wander to grab some food and a drink, including more of that Vietnamese coffee.
We met up with the rest of the group at the hotel at 4 pm to get a cycle rickshaw ride around the city. This took almost three hours and I think we saw just about every road! I now know why most Vietnamese wear face masks when on they bikes as by the end of out I felt like I had my annual limit of exhaust gases.




Our final stop was at a Vietnamese restaurant where we had dinner.  We seemed to have managed to get the prime table, although it was very warm in there! One of the Russians preferred food and the waiter tried to tell her it was a sharing dish… When it arrived it was massive and could probably have feed three people!


Once we finished, we walked back to the hotel but as it was only 9 pm, we decided to go out for a night cap… Although everyone else decided it was time for bed!!! 
We walked back across the park to the main strip and had a beer in a bar hoi…a sort of pop up bar where we sat on the pavement on plastic chairs. We couldn’t really complain as the beer was only 9000 dong (about 30p) for a half pint. We headed back to the hotel by 10 pm as we have another relatively early start tomorrow to drive to Dalat! 

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