The Bernina Express – 16th May 2015

Another day, another panoramic train. This time we’re off on the Bernina Express which takes us over the Alps and into Italy. The line between here and Tirano is UNESCO world heritage listed, one of only three railways in the world to appear on the list.


Thankfully, the weather is much better today and so we’re hoping to get some great views.

After breakfast at the hotel we walked the short distance to the station and boarded the train.

The first section of the journey takes is through the Domieschg, a wide valley with lots of old castles and forts.


We’re climbing steadily and despite our highest point today being higher than yesterday, the train does not use any cogs.

We’re Travelling through the Albula valley and shortly after leaving Tiefencastle we went across the Landwasser viaduct, over 60m high and whose exit leads straight into a tunnel in a sheer cliff face.


After Filisur, we began an agent from about 1080m to over 1823m.

In order to make the climb, the railway does a series of loops inside tunnels to s allow it to gradually gain height.

We continued to climb out of Pontresina and one again were treated to some magnificent views.




The photos don’t really do it justice. 

This is the top of the Bernina Pass at 2253m.


We stopped at Alp Grum for 20 minutes for a break and it gave an opportunity to get off the train and get some photos!




The final section of the outward trip sees us drop from 2100m to just 429m in Tirano.


Finally, before we arrived at Tirano, we went over the circular Brusio viaduct…



We arrived on time in Tirano, Italy and had a wander around the old town before just having time for some lunch.  We then boarded the train again for the return journey.  This time we were in the rest carriage which, apart from having a window to the rest, also had a couple of windows which could open meaning a chance for stone photos without reflections.  Ed took full advantage!

We arrived back in Chur, once again on time, and headed back to the hotel for a shower before heading or for a pizza at a local Italian! 

Home tomorrow… 😦

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