Interlaken to Zermatt and the Gronergatbahn

After a continental breakfast we set off for the train station to catch our train to Zermatt. The first sorry section was on a train heading for Berlin, although we only took the first stop to Spiez. 


At Spiez we changed trains to an intercity to Visp. This section invited the Lotschenberg tunnel, over 9 miles long.

At Visp we changed to the final train to Zermatt. This local train also has cogs as there are done fairly steep climbs during this stretch of the journey. The views on this section were stunning with steep valleys in either side, fast flowing rivers and waterfalls.



We arrived at Zermatt and eventually found our hotel; it wasn’t that far but we didn’t find it first time!  The view from the hotel balcony is amazing, apart from the crane. The silhouette of the Matterhorn is unmistakable!


We had a quick drink:


…before heading up on our next trip, up the cog railway of the Gonergrhat, which goes from Zermatt at 1000m to over 3000m, all the whole giving great views of the Matterhorn and surrounding peaks. From the top of the gonergrhat you can see 29 peaks over 4000m.

The weather was, once again, fantastic. It wasn’t as cold as yesterday, although we were both glass of or coats as it was only just above zero degrees!





Having had a quick snack, and Ed taking a million more photos, we headed back down.

Once back at Zermatt we wandered around the town and visited the Matterhorn/Zermatt museum which included the story or the first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865 by Edward Whymper. 

We then tried to find out way back to our hotel using the lift in the cliff, without success. (It turns out that we were trying to use the wrong lift!) After a quick freshen up before having dinner for in the town.

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