The Chocolate Train – 11th May 2015

We had an early start and were at Lausanne train station for 7.30.  The 20 minute train journey to Montreux took in some beautiful scenery overlooking Lake Geneva. We arrived in good time and found the platform that the Chocolate Train was on.



We boarded an old carriage which had been refitted and had intricate woodwork decorating it.

The train left on time and immediately began climbing out of Montreux, weaving between buildings and roads.  This first section of the trip took about 30 minutes including a couple of brief stops to let other trains pass in the other direction as the track was a single line. The views from the train were breathtaking.

The train then headed off into the mountain valley and we were served a croissant and coffee. After a long tunnel journey we emerged into a lush green valley and lost some of the height we had gained.

Soon we arrived at Montebecon where the train reversed direction to take another line. This next section includes a short section where the train was actually on the road!  After 30 minutes we arrived at Broc and had a short walk to the Cailler chocolate factory. The factory tour was very interesting and enter in some chocolate tasting.



The weather was really hot and after the chocolate tour a bus took us to the mediaeval village of Gruyères. Here we wanted the streets and had a drink in a hotel with magnificent views.



Next we walked up to the castle and used our Swiss pass to visit it. The castle dates from around the 12th century.

After a lunch of raclet (for Ed) we headed back to the bus for a quick transfer to the cheese factory. Another type later and we were back on the train for the return to Montreux.


On arrival we caught a train back to Lausanne but here the Swiss railway let us down! We had picked up a local service which stopped at all stations, but the train stopped the stations short of Lausanne without any warning leaving more than 100 people stranded and a mini bus to do a transfer!

We decided to retrace our steps and went back three stations to Vevey, home of Nestlé, where we could catch an intercity train.

We eventually arrived back at Lausanne and after a short we headed our for some food and a couple of drinks. Next stop tomorrow Interlaken!

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