Zurich to Lausanne

We had a leisurely start to the day before checking out and catching the trolley bus into the centre. We left our luggage in the station and wandered into Zurich.

Zurich is a pretty city, and quite compact. We walked down side of the Limmat and stopped in a riverside cafe for a light breakfast.

Were spent much is the remainder of the morning wandering and taking in the sights including Bahnhofstrasse (exclusive shopping area) and the Zurich see (lake).

We had a drink in a restaurant/bar overlooking the river where a brass band was playing and then went up the towers of the Grossmunster.





Whilst it is a pretty city, there isn’t a great lot to see if you re not into art galleries. Thus we caught the 2.30 train to Lausanne.  The train isn’t the fastest, but goes through some beautiful scenery.

We arrived on time at Lausanne and quickly found our hotel.  Lausanne is a hilly city and we caught the metro up to the main area, where there was a carnival going on. After a quick drink then short we headed out to a local restaurant for food. I ended up with a trio of tartare!  An early night awaited as tomorrow is and early start to go on the chocolate train! 

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