Katmandu – 18th May 2014

As the tour officially finished today we booked a private tour worth two of our group to see some of the main sights in Katmandu.  We meet at 7.30 to start the tie before the heart of the day.

We first went to Patan, a town in the suburbs of the main city.  We wanted through the narrow streets and saw all of the fruit, veg and meat stalls.  As it was Saturday, many of the artisan shops that the area is famous for were closer.  We were taken into a couple of temples all of which were busy with Saturday worshippers. The temples are shared by both Buddhists and Hindus. 




We then went to the Patan main square or durbar where there are lots of temples.  The woodwork on each of the buildings gates back hundreds of years and is extremely intricate.  However, the buildings have been largely rebuilt as they were destroyed in an earthquake in 1934. 

Our next stop was at Boudha, another town in the suburbs.  The main thing to see here was a massive stupa around which houses have been built. We had some refreshments at a rooftop restaurant and then walked around the outside if the stupa before heading off to our next place, Swayambhu.


Swayambhu is situated on top of a hill on the outskirts of the city and is also known as the monkey temple because of the wild monkeys that live on the site. By now it was extremely hot and whilst the raised position above the city have excellent views of the valley, it was very hazy and you could clearly see the smog which Katmandu is now known for! There were thousands of locals there worshipping in the temples and stupas.




Out final destination was the Durbar square in Katmandu.  Like Patan, the square is filled with various temples and palaces.  We wandered around taking in the sites and looking at yet more intricate carvings on the buildings.  The old royal palace has been made into a museum to the previous total family, and we wandered through setting the costumes and artifacts on display. 


As it was now mid afternoon we headed back to the hotel and spent the remainder of the day relating in the hotel courtyard and having a farewell meal with the remainder of our group.

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