Kathmandu – 16th May 2014 – Tour day 17

Wrote early this morning as it was light by 5am. After getting bags ready we had breakfast in the balcony in the early morning sun. 

We left the hotel at 9am and drive the sorry distance to Bhaktar.  This is an old Nepali town about 20km from Katmandu itself. The town was extensively damaged in an earthquake in 1934 but has been largely rebuilt.  It has a lovely atmosphere and we spent a couple of hours walking won’t the centre with a guide.  We could not go into the temple as only Hindus are allowed but we were able to look outside. We went into a Thangka school and saw the people painting the Thangkas.  This quickly turned into an opportunity to buy said paintings.




We then got back on the bus and headed to Katmandu itself. Once again the temperature was hot and the roads manic.  We checked into or hotel and headed for some lunch.  We defined to upgrade or room, although the mini shore promised is not quite what you would get elsewhere, but at least it’s clean and comfortable.

After lunch we had some Gerome before meeting up again with our leader for an orientation walk.  Katmandu is a bustling city and the sights and smells are similar to India.  Constant beeping of horns, locals shouting and steamy temperatures.  We walked down narrow streets with ships crammed in everywhere.  In the area we’re staying there are endless shops selling local tat and also knock off western climbing gear. There are also far more westerners around and you can tell it’s a stating point for different tours or somewhere for travellers to spend a few days before their next trip.




We returned to our hotel before heading out for our final meal with the group. Done are leaving tomorrow and some carrying on to different tours and it’s always a bit flat.  The group dynamics have been different to other tour we’ve been on but it’s been good to share experiences with others and we’ve deffinately made some new friends.

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  1. Kathmandu always sounded such a magical place and how good to be able to really sample other peoples way of lie. Long may it last and hope by now you already have some ideas about your next trip ! ake care and much love xx


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