Tibet to Nepal (Dhulkiel) – 15th May 2014 – Tour day 16

We had a shortened nights sleep after last night’s activities and we left the hotel about 8.45am.  We drove through the narrow streets and back to the dinner place for breakfast.  The food wasn’t much better, and the coffee was awful.  This also have is an opportunity to change money into Nepalese rupees and to give or gifts to our tour leader, driver and guide.

A further half an hour down winding roads, lined with Nepalese trucks waiting to get across the border, and we arrived at Chinese immigration.  We had excellent views of the town clinging to the hillside.

Customs was relatively straightforward and we said goodbye to Kando and walked across the friendship bridge to Nepal. 

It really is amazing how quickly things can change and almost as soon as we crossed the border the sights, sounds and smells felt different.  We put our watches back 2 1/4 hours, but we might as well have put them back 2 1/4 decades.  We met our Nepalese guide and obtained or visas.  Then we walked down to our bus and started the for hit drive to Dhalkiel.  The distance is only about 80km, but the towards are often unmade and progress can be slow.

The views on the journey were amazing and we have exchanged bleak tundra for wooded valleys, rivers and waterfalls.  We are of course much lower, although still at over 1000m and the greenery is lush.  The temperature is much warmer and probably in the low 30s.  Hard to believe that just over 24 hours ago it was -5!

After a quick stop for a lovely Nepalese lunch of curried veg, rice, and dhal we climbed up the hills again to or hotel for the evening.  We are perched right on top of the hill and our room has a balcony with amazing views of the surrounding countryside. Unfortunately it is very hazy as on a clear day you can, apparently, see the Himalayas and the peak of Everest in the far distance. 



After some fringe we meet up with our guide for a bit of a walk.  We walked up the hill to a place where there was a religious ceremony taking place.  We had a blessing placed on our head with yellow and red dye and some leaves on the top of our head.  The children there were lovely and so keen to have their photos taken.






One we were finished we headed back to the hotel and has a couple of drinks before dinner.  Then we just spent a relaxed night having some drinks and reminiscing over the last couple of weeks. 


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