Pantanal – 21 April 2012

A fitful night sleep and woken up by a very different sort of dawn chorus at about 5.30 am.

This morning we went for a safari at 8am where we saw plenty of caimen


, toucans and copybara, a  very large rodent!


Then, we walked through a mud bath to a lake where we saw giant otters and then went up to our knees pirhana fishing. I caught two dog fish and Ed was also successful. I caught a pirhana, but it got away. All in all we caught enough fish for tea! Back to the farm for a lunch of spaghetti, rice and beans washed down with a Skol beer, after having demudded!

It turns out that both Ed and I caught the sun a bit and we’ve also got numerous bites just about all over!

After an afternoon relaxing, we all went for a horse ride…the mossies were everywhere! It was fun, but made me realise why I’m not a cowboy!

Tea consisted of rice, mashed pitato, frango (chicken) ans the aforementioned fish…not a great deal if meat on a pirhana! After some cards it us back to the hammock at 10pm…along with hundreds of mossie friends…the frog in the toilet didn’t appear this time!

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